Family and Community Medicine

MSC 09 5040
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Phone: Administration (505) 272-2165 Phone: Clinic (for patients) (505) 272-1734
Fax: (505) 272-8045

Family & Community Medicine Facilities

Facilities Service Request

The following services require completion of a Facilities Service Request:

  • Keys/Locks – Your Program Manager or the Department Administrator will sign off after you have obtained a key card. Key shop is located on the first floor in Fitz Hall and is only open these days and times: Monday – Thursday (closed on Friday’s) 8:30 – 11:45 Closed 9:30 – 9:45 for Break;
  • Badges - assistance getting your security badge.
  • General Maintenance - general maintenance concerns
  • Housekeeping - cleaning of offices, including carpet cleaning and other special services
  • Inventory Control - If you need a service tag for your computer or other equipment
  • Moves - assistance with office moves
  • Painting - assistance in scheduling painting for your office/program
  • Pest Control - bugs, rodents, and other pest control
  • Records Managment/HIPAA Room - for access to the HIPAA room or if you need to send or retrieve items from records management
  • Shredding  - for those extra large shredding jobs
  • Signage - for your building or for your office
  • Phones/Long Distance Phone Codes/Pagers – Please submit requests to your Program Manager and they will submit a facilities service request if necessary;
  • Recycling Bins – If you are in need of one for under your desk, please fill out the facilities service request;
  • Furniture/Equipment -If you are looking for any furniture or equipment, please contact your Program Manager. They will submit these requests to the Department Administrator via the facilities service request;
  • Building Concerns - If you have any concerns regarding the building, inside or out please contact your Program Manager; and,
  • Safety/Security Concerns - If you have any Safety concerns, please refer to the Safety Committee Team list and contact the Safety Committee team member for your area. They will present these concerns to the Safety Committee for review and action.
  • Other - don't see your concern listed above? That's okay - just submit the facilities service request form and someone will assist you.

Computer and Printer Ordering

Please note, ALL COMPUTER & PRINTER orders will be approved and ordered by the Department Chair’s Office. This procedure will allow our department to keep inventory current and to ensure all UNM equipment is properly tagged. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Department Chair’s Office at (505) 272-8251.

When requesting to purchase a new Computer or Printer for yourself or your program, you will need to submit the Internal Purchase Request form. Please complete this form and be sure appropriate signatures are included along with the budget amount wanting to spend on the new purchase and the proper account number to be charged.

NOTE: On the form “requestor name” is the person who needs the computer & will be the administrator for the computer. The “initiator name” is the person requesting the purchase on behalf of their program or supervisor.

If you are not sure what system to purchase, please list the features you want in the “Item Description” area of the form and we will work with HSLIC to find the proper computer/printer to meet your needs. In the same area please include the following information as well:

  • Org Code;
  • Needs to be met, i.e. do they need additional software that is not included in the normal set up;
  • Location: Bldg. # and Room #, where computer/printer will be; and,
  • For computers, what printers will they need to be hooked up to (provide IP address that is on the printer itself).

When form is complete, please email or drop off the form at the Administrative Coordinator for the Chair’s office of the Family Practice Building #248, rm. 333.

NOTE: All new Asset Tags will be sent to the Chair’s office and will be distributed to appropriate Program Managers and they will ensure tags are placed on the new devices.

If you need assistance with information technology, please complete the FCM IT Request.

Work Order Request

If you are in need or see a need for any Maintenance repairs and or replacements, please contact your Program Manager.

Program Managers, if you agree that the requested work/replacement should take place, please submit a facilties service request and provide the following information:

  • Description of repair/replacement needed
  • Location/floor repair/replacement needed

Someone will get back to you on your request as soon as possible.

This includes any needs both internally or externally in the immediate areas and parking lots surrounding the Family and Community Medicine buildings.

If this is in regard to the copiers, please submit a facilities service request and provide the error code on the machine so he can call in the service order.

The Department Administrator will assess the need and determine the appropriate action that is needed.

Surplus Property

Due to the nature of our business, it is mandatory that we follow the stringent guidelines put in place via the University Business Policies and Procedures with regards to Surplus Property. They are as follows:

If you have items you are no longer in need of retaining such as furniture, please contact your Program Manager for approval to have them removed. Managers, if you approve of the removal of said items please complete a facilities service request, indicating where the item is located. The Administrative Coordintor and the Department Administrator will ensure we properly dispose of Surplus Property via the above mentioned UNM mandated Policies.

If you have a computer or any items with an Asset Tag to surplus, please submit a facilities service request to process this request as we will ensure proper computer removal and asset tracking procedures are followed.

Having Surplus run through the Chair’s office will not only allow us better visibility to others needs within the department but will ensure we maintain the UNM required compliances.

Inventory Check Out/Check In Policy

Per UNM Inventory Control, it is Mandatory that we have a signed Check Out form for every UNM Asset Tagged piece of equipment that leaves UNM Campus. This includes computers that are used at someone’s home as well as out in the field.

Please ensure you have a fully executed “Check Out” form on file for all the computers listed in your department that are being used away from campus. A copy of this form must be provided to the Chair’s office so we can account for the Inventory within the department.

NOTE: Please put only one asset on a form.

Once the computer has been returned, fill out the bottom portion of the form in the “Check In” area. Please provide the Department Administrator with a completed copy.

Looking for Our Clinics?

1209 Clinic
1209 University Boulevard
(505) 272-4400

Atrisco Heritage Center for Family & Community Health
10800 Dennis Chavez SW

Family Practice Center - FPC &
Milagro Clinic
2400 Tucker NE
(505) 272-1734

Northeast Heights
7801 Academy Blvd. NE
(505) 272-2700

North Valley Center for Family & Community Health
3401 4th Street NW

Sandoval Regional Medical Center
3001 Broadmoor Blvd NE

Senior Health Center
1104-4 Medical Arts, Bldg 4, Ste A
(505) 272-1754

Southeast Heights Center for Family and Community Health &
Milagro Clinic
8200 Central SE
(505) 272-5885

The Transdisciplinary Evaluation &; Support Clinic (TEASC)
2400 Tucker SE, FPC 3rd Floor

The UNM Athletic Training Room
Tow Diehm Athletics Facility, South Campus

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