FCM Research

About Us

Who we are:
The Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM) Research Division supports the department’s diverse, multi-faceted research portfolio and coordinates scholarly initiatives across health research, education, and clinical domains. The Research Division fosters scholarly development by pursuing funding from a variety of federal entities, state offices, and foundations. We have consistently ranked among the top 20 in NIH research funding among all departments of Family Medicine nationally.

The Research Division engages faculty, staff, learners, and community partners to work together to solve complex problems to improve health and wellbeing in New Mexico and beyond. The division supports and collaborates with several internal and cross-departmental centers including:

The Research Division facilitates a variety of scholarly activities including developing and conducting research and disseminating findings via publications and presenting at local, state, national, and international conferences and meetings. The Division also focuses on teaching and mentoring in research design, methods, analysis and grantsmanship.

Our mission:
To advance the science of health, research, education and service through community collaboration.  Our goal is to improve healthcare and health for all New Mexicans. We strive to remain nationally recognized among departments of family medicine for innovative primary care research and education that improves the healthcare of our communities and eliminates disparities in health care.

Meet the Research Management Team

Who we are:
The Research Management Team (RMT) offers a full spectrum of research support services and engages learners of all levels in research and scholarship.

The RMT’s primary functions are 1) the development, submission and monitoring of contracts and grants and 2) the provision of scholarly support services. The RMT follows the highest standards of grants and contracts management and continues to be a unique, highly esteemed research administration team within UNM HSC.

RMT Mission Statement:
Develop, engage and bridge academic and community scholars by supporting the lifecycle of scholarly projects and grants to improve healthcare for all New Mexicans and promote health equity.