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Family & Community Medicine Diversity

"Honoring Diversity in an Environment of Unity and Promoting Equity"

The University of New Mexico SOM Department of Family & Community Medicine is dedicated to honoring diversity and promoting equity. New Mexico is a very diverse and unique state. We boast of the diversity of individuals in our state and support this diversity which includes but is not limited to: culture; gender; race; ethnicity; age; physical abilities; sexual orientation; spiritual/religious beliefs; and, socio-economic status. We are committed to honoring diversity in a unified, safe, supportive, and engaging environment.

The Significance of Diversity

Gender, faith/spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation, race, age, culture, and socioeconomic background are just a few areas that contribute to an individual’s distinct understanding and experience of their community and the larger world around them.

It can be advantageous to reflect upon our own individual distinct understanding and experience to realize and appreciate the value of the great diversity of the world outside of us. How diverse is your neighborhood, your place of work or your cadre of friends? Is diversity something we should strive for in all aspects of our lives or should it be limited to specific areas? How do our views about others effect our individual functioning or the functioning of the unit as a whole? And how do our perceptions of the world keep us connected and/or disconnected to those around us?


Inclusion is a core element for successfully achieving diversity. Inclusion is achieved by nurturing the climate and culture of the institution through professional development, education, policy, and practice. The objective is creating a climate that fosters belonging, respect, and value for all and encourages engagement and connection throughout the institution and community.


Equity is when everyone has the opportunity to attain their full potential and no one is disadvantaged from achieving this potential because of their social position or other socially determined circumstance.

We invite you to consider some of these questions and how they apply to your life as you watch our Diversity video and explore our website.

Family & Community Medicine Diversity Video

NM Profile

New Mexico Quick Facts contains the most up-to-date demographics and statistics on race/ethnicity, age, economic status and other interesting information.

Vice Chair for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Marlene Ballejos, Ph.D., M.P.A.
Phone: 505-272-2165
Fax: 505-272-8045

Staff Contact for Diversity

Christina (Tina) Hoff, Ph.D.
Phone: 505-272-8091
Fax: 505-272-8045