Health Education


Enhancement of a Behavioral Health Rotation for Family Medicine Residents to Promote Skillfulness in Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing is an evidence-based strategy for conducting brief behavioral health interventions in primary care. This project is developing and evaluating an enhanced behavioral health rotation for Family Medicine residents that is designed to increase objectively measured skillfulness in Motivational Interviewing. ​

PI: Jennifer Hettema, PhD

Post-Application Advisement for Repeat U.S. Medical School Applicants

Over one quarter of the U.S. medical school applicant pool are repeat applicants. This project is studying best practices for providing advisement and guidance to help repeat applicants re-apply, while enhancing transparency and equity in the admissions processes and contributing to the school’s mission to increase health professions workforce diversity and reduce health disparities. 

PI: Marlene Ballejos, PhD and Robert Sapien, MD

Building Group Cohesion in Medical Student Learning Communities through Outdoor Adventure Education

During Outdoor Adventure Education, groups are presented a series of physical and mental challenges to complete as a team. This study is evaluating the effects of outdoor adventure education on team building and group cohesion among medical students.

PI: Michelle Bardack, MD

New Mexico Area Health Education Centers (AHEC)

The goal of this project is to develop and implement strategies to foster and provide community-based training and education to individuals seeking careers in health professions within underserved areas.

PI: Helene Silverblatt, MD

National Training Center HPV State Entity

The Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Program Office at UNM HSC is partnering with AHEC centers and partners across the state to provide HPV peer-to-peer trainings through two state-wide conference presentations and several Grand Rounds hospital presentations.

PI: Helene Silverblatt, MD

New Mexico Community Health Workers Paraprofessional Training

This project is building on existing health care infrastructure to significantly increase the number of Community Health Worker (CHW) paraprofessionals who come from economically and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds.

PI: Arthur Kaufman, MD

Community Health Worker Medicaid Pilot Project

This project is a collaboration with the Southwest Center for Health Innovations to deploy community health workers to improve the health and wellbeing of Medicaid enrollees across the state.

PI: Arthur Kaufman, MD

UNM Department of Family and Community Medicine - Academic Detailing

This contract provides funding for the Department of Family and Community Medicine to conduct an academic detailing program to improve opioid prescribing practices in New Mexico. This project will work closely with the NM Department of Health in creating an advisory board for the project, recruiting high risk providers to participate in education and training along with academic detailing visits. 

PI: Robert Rhyne, MD

Transforming Primary Care in Underserved Communities

This project is driven by the need to strengthen entering students’ interest in primary care in underserved areas, while giving them skills and experiences that will support their effective leadership in new approaches to primary care.

PI: Robert Williams, MD, MPH

These studies are no greater than 10 years old, and contain the title and a 1-2 sentence description.

Standardized Feedback and Coaching to Enhance Dissemination of Motivational Interviewing or Health Behavior Change in Primary Care Settings

The purpose of this investigation is to systematically evaluate the impact and sustainability of two training dissemination strategies (a traditional skills-based workshop versus a workshop plus standardized performance feedback and coaching) on motivational interviewing skillfulness and motivational interviewing confidence, perceived responsibility, self-reported use, perceived barriers, and attitudes among a sample of UNM Family Medicine resident interventionists.

PI: Jennifer Hettema, PhD

Residency Training in Primary Care

The purpose of this study was to create a dynamic and innovative public health training curriculum for family medicine (FM) residents to improve the health of communities and reduce health disparities.

PI: Sally Bachofer, MD

Stereo-typing in Medical Student Decision Making: Presence, Origins and Solutions

The overall goal of this study was to reduce health disparities by focusing on an understudied social determinant of health: racial- and gender-based stereotyping and bias in medical decision-making.

PI: Robert Williams, MD