Community Engagement/Health Extension/Rural Health


Integrated Primary Care and Community Support (I-PaCS)

The I-PaCS project is a population health model for clinics and communities to improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs through the integration of community health workers (CHWs) into primary care clinics.

PI: Arthur Kaufman, MD

Transforming Primary Care in Underserved Communities

This project is driven by the need to strengthen entering students’ interest in primary care in underserved areas, while giving them skills and experiences that will support their effective leadership in new approaches to primary care.

PI: Robert Williams, MD, MPH

New Mexico Community Health Workers Paraprofessional Training

This project is building on existing health care infrastructure to significantly increase the number of Community Health Worker (CHW) paraprofessionals who come from economically and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds.

PI: Arthur Kaufman, MD

Community Health Worker Medicaid Pilot Project

This project is a collaboration with the Southwest Center for Health Innovations to deploy community health workers to improve the health and wellbeing of Medicaid enrollees across the state.

PI: Arthur Kaufman, MD

These studies are no greater than 10 years old, and contain the title and a 1-2 sentence description.

Health Extension Rural Office: Translating Research into Localities (HERO TRaILs)

The long term goal of this proposal is to build an efficient, sustainable infrastruc-   ture that can adapt, deliver and evaluate methodology for translating evidence-  based information into rural primary care practices serving rural, underserved, multiethnic populations.

PI: Robert Rhyne, MD; Co-I: Janet Page Reeves, PhD; Andrew Sussman, PhD; Orrin Myers, PhD