“What makes an applicant a good match for the UNM Family Medicine Residency Program?”

A Sense of Adventure: When you choose UNM, you're choosing to live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the heart of the southwest. Albuquerque is a blend of old and new, rural and urban and of art and nature. Be prepared to participate in the natural wonder and culture of the southwest. Living in Albuquerque is not for spectators.

A Passion for Diversity: You’ll have the opportunity to serve a patient population varying widely with respect to ethnic, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds. We provide many elective and continuity clinic options, allowing residents to choose a path according to personal interest. These clinics and our dedicated inpatient floor mean that you’ll find a never-ending variety of patients and clinical challenges.

The Ability to Lead: The breadth and scope of a family medicine physician’s abilities represent the future of health care. With that in mind, we must not only train great clinicians, but leaders. After completing our program, you’ll be equipped with skills that allow you to be a leader in not just the health care decisions of your patients but in the communities in which you’ll practice.

A Desire to Work with the Best: Your peers, attending and resident alike, represent some of the finest family medicine physicians in the country. You’ll work alongside some of the founders of the family medicine specialty, with the nation’s leading family medicine research physicians and with the doctors that have literally written the book about maternal and child health. You will be challenged, but at the same time, you’ll be supported by a team dedicated to your success.

A Spirit of Caring: Medicine is a science, but patient care is an art. We are dedicated to serving both. The UNM FM residency program brings together physicians and residents from around the world for the singular purpose of taking care of patients. That means that we recognize that health care isn’t limited to the hospital or clinic, but extends to the community and beyond. That dichotomy is at the core of our training philosophy.