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Grant Preparation Process

The role of FCM Pre-Award is to assist with the preparation, review, approval, and negotiation of proposal development and to advise FCM faculty & staff who seek external funding from federal, state, private, and local entities. Pre-Award services also include conducting funding opportunity searches, assisting with budget preparation/ review of salary and benefit information, allowability of budget expenses, indirect cost calculations, COI forms, obtaining necessary signatures, submitting completed proposals and coordinating the routing of proposals for department HRRC review.

The PI planning to submit a grant should contact FCM’s Pre-Award as early as possible and schedule a meeting with a Pre-Award specialist to answer questions and assist with the proposal process. Our grant will then be added to On-The-Radar tracking list. FCM Pre-Award will then request a copy or a link to the electronic proposal guidelines so that guidelines can be reviewed. After the guidelines are reviewed, a checklist of requirements will be created for the specific grant/contract proposal.

In order to allow enough time for all parties to review the final proposal and to submit signatures, it is requested that the proposal package be submitted to FCM Pre-Award 10 business days before the deadline.