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For Patients

Need to find a provider to care for you or your family? Going to deliver a baby and need a doctor to take care of you? Our providers are located throughout the Albuquerque Metro area to support you and your family where you need it most - close to where you live, work and play. The information below will help you locate a clinic that best suits your needs.

Our Maternal, Child & Reporductive Health service provides a wide variety of services. Please browse our website to see what we can do for you and your baby.

Our Services

We have a dedicated group of Maternal, Child and Reproductive Health physicians who care for pregnant women and infants at each of our health clinics throughout Albuquerque. Our physicians will care for you throughout your pregnancy, deliver your baby on our hospital service, and care for you and baby after birth. Our Department has its own Maternal & Child Health Service which cares for pregnant women and their babies in a model of family-centered maternity care. Family medicine faculty are the attending physicians for all births on the service.

Labor & Delivery

Our family physicians treat birth as healthy and normal, use technology only when necessary, and believe in natural birth. Birth interventions are only used when medical necessary. We offer a range of pain management options, from nitrious oxide to IV medications. We also welcome your partner, family members and/or close friends to be present for support during labor. We want you to have the best birthing experience possible. Also, in the event that a cesarean section is needed, we now offer gentle cesarean sections. Gentle cesarean sections more closely resemble the vaginal birth experience and promote mother-baby bonding. Talk to you physician for more information.

High Risk Consultation

If a problem should develop during pregnancy our family physicians work closely with our own family medicine MCH consultants who are trained to handle high risk pregnancies, deliveries and cesarean section. In the event that you develop a problem requiring consultation with our specialists your physician will arrange this and continue to support you during pregnancy and birth.

To set up an appointment with one of our physicians please call one of the clinics listed on the right.

If you would like more information about our MCH service or are having trouble scheduling and appointment, please call 505-272-9304 or email us.

Maternal Child Health Clinics

Looking for Family Medicine Clinics that serve Moms & Babies?

Our Maternal Child Health providers see patients at the following clinics. Come see us today!

1209 Clinic
1209 University Boulevard
(505) 272-4400

Atrisco Heritage Center for Family & Community Health
10800 Dennis Chavez SW

Family Practice Center - FPC &
Milagro Clinic
2400 Tucker NE
(505) 272-1734

Northeast Heights
7801 Academy Blvd. NE
(505) 272-2700

North Valley Center for Family & Community Health
3401 4th Street NW

Southeast Heights Center for Family and Community Health &
Milagro Clinic
8200 Central SE
(505) 272-5885

Maternal Child Health Providers

Milagro Program

The Milagro Program was started in 1989 as the first program in the state of New Mexico for pregnant women with substance abuse/addiction issues. Milagro has since served over 2,000 women.

Milangro Outpatient Clinic

The Milagro Program provides comprehensive care for pregnant women. Women receive prenatal care from Family Medicine providers in the outpatient Family Medicine Clinics. In addition to medical services, the Milagro Program provides outpatient counseling and case management support. Through frequent follow up and a team approach to wellness, the medical, nursing, and counseling staff work together to help expecting mothers and their families transition during the prenatal and postpartum period.

The Milagro Program enrolls any pregnant woman with a history of or current substance abuse issues. Medication assisted treatment is additionally available to women with addictions to opioids through the use of buprenorphine (Subutex) or methadone. The team of providers can follow the women and their newborns during inpatient hospital stays, forming a treatment plan based on their specific needs. The Milagro Program works closely with the FOCUS program to ensure that families continue receiving comprehensive treatment services after delivery.

The Milagro Program provides comprehensive care for pregnant women. Women receive prenatal care from Family Practice providers in the outpatient Family Medicine Clinics.

Milagro Providers

The Transdisciplinary Evaluation and Support Clinic (TEASC), funded by the New Mexico Department of Health/Developmental Disabilities Supports Division, is a consultation team that includes family practice providers, psychiatrists, experts in social services and health care systems, and a clinical social worker. The team may include other specialists such as a neurologist or sign language interpreter.

Who TEASC Serves

TEASC offers in-home and clinic-based consultation to adults who have intellectual/developmental disabilities and complex medical, mental health, and support system needs. TEASC assistance does not replace the direct care provided by the client’s primary care doctor, psychiatrist, therapist, interdisciplinary team, or other care givers.

Individuals who have intellectual/developmental disabilities live diverse and interesting lives: they have families and friends, get married, enjoy sports, art, music, dancing, and hold jobs. Developmental disabilities are those diagnosed before the age of 22 and include cerebral palsy, autism, and seizure disorders. Developmental disabilities also include the intellectual and functional impairments that reduce the ability to perform independent living skills such as personal hygiene, household chores, and personal finances. Individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities may need help from many types of professional and community supporters. Many clients have a support team that may include a case manager, behavioral support consultant, speech/language therapist and homecare providers.

What TEASC Does

  • Evaluations by the team at the University of New Mexico Family Practice Clinic (Adult Special Needs Clinic);
  • Evaluations by the team in the community where the person lives, e.g. in their home, workplace or other location determined by the person’s needs and wishes (TEASC Evaluation);
  • Evaluations by the team at local community clinics (Outreach Clinic);
  • Comprehensive reporting of evaluation findings and recommendations;
  • Participation in collaborative community clinics with local providers;
  • Teaching and training for medical students and residents, as well as trainees in other disciplines such as nursing, occupational therapy, pharmacy, psychology, speech/language pathology, and physical therapy;
  • Training for community providers;
  • Research and program assessment; and,
  • Collaboration and consultation with the state in system design and review.

TEASC Eligibility

Who is Eligible for TEASC Evaluation?

Any person with a developmental disability, age 18 or older, living in New Mexico, or their family, provider, or advocate may request a TEASC evaluation or consultation. TEASC services are provided at no cost to the individual.


How Referrals Are Made

TEASC can be contacted for an evaluation by telephone or written request. After an initial screening, TEASC staff and the referring party discuss options which may include:

  • Directing the individual to community resources;
  • Requesting additional background information; and,
  • Scheduling an evaluation date.

Program Administration

Faculty & Staff

Toni Benton, M.D.
Program Director/Family Practitioner

Elizabeth Donsbach, B.A.
Program Specialist

May Goldenberg, PA-C
Physician Assistant

Helene Silverblatt, M.D.

Gail Thaler, M.D.

Carol Montoya
Administrative Assistant II

The University of New Mexico Department of Family & Community Medicine is part of the largest academic health complex in the state. Located on the University of New Mexico campus and in the many communities in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the FCM combines its four missions areas - education, research, patient care and community outreach - to provide New Mexicans with the highest level of health care.

Billing Questions

For questions about a bill from a UNMHSC Doctor, please contact UNM Medical Group at (505) 272-2521.

Patient Portal (Medical Record Access)

Need to access your UNM Medical Record? Click the link to the patient portal for access. If you have not yet registered, please ask for assistance at the registration desk of your local UNM Clinic.

University Hospital Patient Portal


Want to learn more about your provider or a provider to whom you've been referred? Check out Find-A-Doc for more information!


UNM Health Systems

All Family Medicine Clinics

Maternal Child Health Service - 505-272 -9304

Milagro Clinic - 505-272-9304

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Centralized Scheduling - 505-272-1623

Patient Assistance Coordinator - 505-272-2121

We are an innovative, highly collaborative group of providers who strongly believe in providing access to services for patients while easing practice for referring providers.

What do we do and who are we?

  • Integrated Behavioral Health in Family & Community Medicine involves a close collaboration with UNM Health Systems;
  • We are currently 12 Psychologists integrated into the following clinics:
    • UNM Family Health Clinic, Northeast Heights
    • UNM Family Health Clinic, Southeast Heights
    • UNM Family Health Clinic, Westside
    • UNM Family Health Clinic, North Valley
    • UNM Family Health Clinic, Southwest Mesa
    • UNM Family Health Clinic, University
    • UNM Senior Health Clinic
    • UNM Heart Failure Clinic
    • UNM Bariatric Evaluation Service
    • UNM Primary Pain Clinic

All clinics are a collaborative effort between Psychologists in the UNM Department of Family & Community Medicine, UNM Department of Internal Medicine and UNM Department of Pediatrics.

Treatment Modalities

We have many treatment modalities available to treat a multitude of issues. Treatment modalities may include the following (list not complete):

  • EMDR
  • CBT
  • DBT Groups/Individual
  • Medical/Clinical Hypnosis
  • Somatic Mind/Body Techniques
  • Energy Psychology
  • Brief Therapies
  • Long-term Therapy
  • Psychotherapy

What do we treat?

Below are examples of the types of issues we treat non-interventional:

  • Trauma
  • Chronic Pain
  • Additions
  • Behavioral Changes
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Major Mental Illness
  • Phobias

Scheduling Appointments

To schedule an appointment with one of our Behavioral Health providers, please contact your Primary Care Provider. Please note that appointments are not scheduled without a referral from your Primary Care Provider.

Contact TEASC

Elizabeth Donsbach
Program Specialist, TEASC
Phone: 505-272-5158
Fax: 505-272-5149

Antoinette (Toni) Benton, M.D.
Medical Director
Phone: 505-272-5158
Fax: 505-272-5149
Email Dr. Benton

Mailing Address:
MSC09 5040
1 University of NM
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001