Class of 2018 PGY III - Current 3rd Years


Photo of Kresta Antillon

Kresta Antillon, MD

University of New Mexico

Hello! My name is Kresta and I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I chose Family Medicine because during medical school, I found that I enjoyed multiple areas of medicine, from women’s health to pediatrics to educating the diabetic patient. I also realized that to me the patient-physician relationship was one of the most rewarding aspects of medicine. I believe that it is with these relationships that physicians can truly impact a patient’s health. I chose to stay in New Mexico for my Family Medicine residency training because not only is it home and a beautiful state, but I truly love working with such a diverse and appreciative population. During my time as a third and fourth year medical student at UNM, I also found that the training and opportunities that the Family Medicine residents were provided is what I wanted when envisioning my future career as a family medicine physician. As a family medicine physician, I hope to spend time in both a rural setting and academic setting. My current interests are many and include: inpatient medicine, preventative medicine, women’s health, and addiction medicine.

Photo of Erik Arellano

Erik Arellano, MD

University of Colorado

I am originally from the Four Corners and my family had inhabited New Mexico for hundreds of years. After serving 8 years in the U.S Navy, I graduated from UNM and went on to medical school at The University of Colorado. I have a strong interest in serving the people of New Mexico, especially those with the least amongst us and those in areas with few health care resources. I am interested in dermatology, sports medicine, pediatrics and care for the elderly. Family Medicine is my calling and I very happy to be practicing back home in New Mexico.

Photo of Charity Bishop

Charity Bishop, MD

University of North Dakota

I grew up in Arizona and have always considered the southwest home. I spent six months of medical school in rural community where I was drawn to the full spectrum of care and the continuity family medicine offers. I also love the unique relationships family medicine physicians are able to develop with their patients. My interests include behavior health, pediatrics, and women's health. I am thrilled to be joining the vibrant and diverse UNM family medicine residency team.

Photo of Margaret Black

Margaret Black, MD

Tulane University

I tend to have a hard time succinctly saying where I’m from — past homes span Poland to Portland, with stops at Vassar to study political science and Tulane for medical school. (In some cosmic demonstration of convergence or fate, my new Albuquerque neighborhood includes both a Vassar and a Tulane Drive.) I worked as a doula for a few years prior to med school, which solidified a great love for supporting women in childbirth, and more generally showed me that I want to spend my life partnering with patients through all sorts of pivotal moments. I love family medicine for its broad scope that equips us to work with patients of any age and gender, for its non-reductivist approach to the whole person rather than the isolated organ system, and for its emphasis on navigating the psychosocial contexts of our patients’ health. Areas of particular interest include obstetrics, pediatrics, family planning, end-of-life care, mental health, and bioethics. UNM stood out for me with its innovative and deeply humane approach to maternity care, the family planning curriculum, the cultural diversity of the patient population, and a faculty composed of delightful, warm, passionate physicians.

Michelle Chungtuyco, MD

University of Ramon Mogsaysay

I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines and I consider Albuquerque NM my second home. After completing medical school and a residency in OBGYN, I came to the Land of Enchantment to pursue my Master’s in Clinical Research. My main interests include women’s health and reproductive rights and advocacy. While working as a researcher in graduate school, I came to realize that there is strong parallelism between the populations of NM and the Philippines, ranging from the socioeconomic conditions to culture to values such as strong family ties. This strengthened my resolve to expand my training in medicine in the US. I chose Family and Community Medicine because of its holistic appeal and patient centered approach. I believe that primary care is the foundation of a reliable and comprehensive health care system. With these reasons and the ability to provide care for people of all ages, it drew me to pursue a second residency. Being part of the UNM Family Medicine Program, I consider myself lucky to be exposed to a patient population that is familiar and yet truly unique to the US. I am excited to bring in my experience and perspective as I go through another chapter in my life learning, both personal and academic.

Photo of Andrea Dotson

Andrea Dotson, MD

University of North Carolina

Greetings everyone! My name is Annie Dotson and I traveled to the beautiful Southwest from Durham, NC via 1700 miles of I-40. I’ll be joining the Family Medicine residency this upcoming year. I love all that family medicine has to offer; lifetime relationships with patients, variety of patient care practices, integration of population health and preventive medicine, and strong leaders shaping the future of medicine. I chose UNM because of their strong maternal/child health training, focus on care for underserved populations, and exposure to community health. The program sets a high standard for intense academic rigor and departmental leadership involved in national dialogues about research, health care, and medical education. Following residency, I hope to work in academic Family Medicine, working with students and other learners. I would like to devote my clinical practice to full-scope care for underserved populations, especially immigrants and refugees. Outside of medicine, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our dog. I love to cook and bake any cuisine as well as try local restaurants. Travel has become somewhat of an obsession with a personal goal to go someplace new every year. I hope to see you soon!

Photo of Jerica Johnson

Jerica Johnson, MD

University of Utah

I was born and raised in Utah in the Salt Lake City valley. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Utah in Exercise Physiology, which fit nicely with my interest in science, outdoor activities, sports. I stuck around at the University of Utah School of Medicine and loved my medical school experience! I was initially drawn to family medicine because I have a strong passion for teaching, and I feel that family medicine physicians have the unique opportunity to counsel patients, teach medical students and residents, and act as educators in the community. Family medicine was also appealing to me because of the broad patient population and diverse set of issues. I participated in the Couples Match with my significant other, Chris, who is pursuing training in Emergency Medicine. We are very excited to be going to Albuquerque and know that we will both receive excellent training. We are also looking forward to exploring all of the hiking, biking, camping, and cultural experiences that New Mexico has to offer.

Photo of Cristian Laguillo

Cristian Laguillo, MD

University of Arizona

Just a quick bio introducing myself, my name is Cristian Laguillo, I usually go by Cris. I have always had an interest in medicine, specifically the family doctor, because they are the jack of all trades. I chose UNM because I liked the location and staff. I have been a soldier for 10 years, deployed to Afghanistan with the 82nd Airborne. My hobbies are building motorcycles, and flying airplanes although I always love a challenge. I’m really looking forward to a good time, and some hard work.

Jodi Parungao, MD

Medical College of Georgia

I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Despite growing up in a family of medical professionals, I started out studying political science and music at New York University and studied abroad in college as part of an international scholar's program. I developed a love of travel after studying in the Czech Republic, Italy, and Argentina. I found a love for teaching soon after graduating college and taught middle school and high school students with Special Needs for 6 years. My last 2 years of teaching I had the amazing opportunity to work with adolescents with psychiatric disorders many of whom were transitioning out of residential treatment centers. I had the unique job of working with social workers, physicians, and behavioral specialists to help these kids adjust to their new environment. My love of medicine grew from there and during my time at Medical College of Georgia, I had amazing mentors in rural Georgia who inspired me to pursue family medicine and OB/Gyn. At that time I decided to focus on women's health and I matched in OB/GYN at University of New Mexico. After 1.5 years of working as an OB/GYN resident at UNM which was an amazing and challenging experience, I decided that I wanted to broaden my scope of practice and pursue family medicine. It was a difficult decision but I am so ecstatic to be here because I am doing what I love! The constant versatility, amazing breadth of knowledge, continuity of care, and natural advocacy of family medicine makes me proud to be apart of such an amazing group of people.

Photo of Andrew Russell

Andrew Russell, DO

Touro University

I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, and love the high desert climate of New Mexico, especially for the ability to grow such deliciously potent green chiles. I prefer to recreate outside in the sage or snow and prior to medical school I earned an undergraduate degree in literature. I am very much looking forward to becoming a part of the Albuquerque community as part of a network of healthcare providers committed to increasing health literacy and enabling a healthy future for New Mexico. Working as a family physician will permit me to work as a member of a team together with nurses, social workers, mental health specialists, and the patients themselves to create health in the individual and the community. I believe every patient has the right to define what health is for her or himself, and it is my role to respect and safely support them in their efforts. I especially like preventative and lifestyle medicine, and also find myself drawn to geriatric care.

 Photo of Eric Tuers

Eric Tuers, MD

University of Washington

Prior to entering medical school I lived in Alaska and provided health care to villagers in rural Alaskan communities. Although I felt an affinity to Family Medicine when I applied to medical school, my satisfaction and enjoyment increased as I developed as a clinician. When deciding upon Family Medicine as a career, I found that I really enjoy getting to know my patients well as I care for them on a long term basis. I also find that both the diverse populations I am able to interact with, as well as the varied types of pathology I am able to manage keep my days interesting and challenging. I am excited to be able to train at UNM because it offers a robust women’s health curriculum and a diverse patient population in an amazing setting. My aspiration is to continue to develop as a Family Medicine clinician with an emphasis on obstetrical care, so that I am well prepared to provide care to the rural underserved.

Photo of Phung Vo

Phung Vo, MD

University of New Mexico

I was born in Vietnam and raised in Albuquerque. I went to college and medical school in New Mexico and am very excited to continue my residency in my home state. I chose family medicine because of its broad spectrum. I am very interested in women’s health and international medicine and knew that family medicine was a great approach to practice both of these. I also chose family medicine because of the connections you can make with your patients, a connection much different from any other specialty. As a family doctor you can treat the patient as a whole and not just the disease because there is more to medicine than just the disease. I chose to stay at UNM because of the diversity of our patient population and how I am able to relate to the patients. The program also has a strong emphasis on my interests of women’s health and international medicine. I also remembered being a patient at the Southeast Heights clinic as a child and am exhilarated to be able to give back to the community that had helped me.

Photo of Matthew Wilson

Matthew Wilson, MD

University of Washington

I was born and raised in Boise, Idaho. A love for the outdoors took me to Bozeman, Montana for my undergraduate work where I skied, hiked, and biked my way through the mountains around Bozeman while studying Cell Biology, Neuroscience, and Spanish. During undergrad, a medical service project abroad and summer internships at a VA hospital convinced me to change my academic focus from education to medicine. In medical school at the University of Washington, I participated in community outreach projects that focused on providing care to the underserved in both rural and urban settings. Through those pursuits, I found that my background in education prepared me well for a future in primary care. I am particularly invested in Family Medicine because it allows me to approach patient care through trust and understanding in the context of community. As a primary care provider, I look forward to incorporating my passion for teaching through effective communication and building long term, therapeutic relationships. My wife and I are excited to become involved in the communities of New Mexico and explore the many unique cultural and outdoor possibilities!

Photo of Moon Yoon

Moon Yoon, MD

Oregon Health Sciences University

I was born in South Korea and after spending few years in the Indonesian jungle as a young child, grew up mostly in Montreal, Canada. After studying Computer Engineering in California and Philosophy in Paris, France, I worked briefly as a medical volunteer in Quito, Ecuador, and then as a genetics researcher in Portland, Oregon. These life experiences and a desire to help people through medicine led me to medical school as a non-traditional applicant. I began my medical journey with a desire to become a physician who is equipped to help any patient, anywhere, particularly in resource poor settings. Experiencing with my wife the birth of two sons during medical school further inspired me to take care of pregnant mothers and children and reinforced my decision to pursue Family Medicine. I chose UNM because of its rigorous research program and strong emphasis on helping underserved populations. I am excited to make New Mexico home with my young family and look forward to exploring the Land of Enchantment!