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The Educational Quizzes are monthly teaching cases with photos and/or clinical scenarios. Dan Stulberg, MD has published the Dermatology Quiz since 1999. It has been used by practicing clinicians as well as distributed to residents and as a teaching tool in residency conferences.

The University of New Mexico is pleased to announce that it is electronically publishing an online Sports Medicine educational Quiz to be distributed monthly. It is written by Dr. Shane Cass, who is a Board Certified Family Physician and Sports Medicine Physician who works and teaches at the University of New Mexico as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine.

These quizzes are open to subscription for healthcare providers to review or enhance the participant's clinical skills. They are focused on practical care and not designed to stump most subscribers. The inpatient quiz often focuses on recent developments in the evidence-based management of hospitalized patients. The sports medicine quiz will focus on issues seen in clinic and on the field.

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