Maternal, Child and Reproductive Health

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MSC09 5040
1 University of NM
Albuquerque NM 87131-0001

Phone Numbers:
(505) 272-9304 (phone)
(505) 272-8045 (fax)

Looking for Our Clinics?

1209 Clinic
1209 University Boulevard
(505) 272-4400

Atrisco Heritage Center for Family & Community Health
10800 Dennis Chavez SW

Family Practice Center - FPC &
Milagro Clinic
2400 Tucker NE
(505) 272-1734

Northeast Heights
7801 Academy Blvd. NE
(505) 272-2700

North Valley Center for Family & Community Health
3401 4th Street NW

Southeast Heights Center for Family and Community Health &
Milagro Clinic
8200 Central SE
(505) 272-5885

Family and Community Medicine

MSC 09 5040
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Phone: Administration (505) 272-2165 Phone: Clinic (for patients) (505) 272-1734
Fax: (505) 272-8045

Maternal, Child & Reproductive Health

Family Medicine Residency Program

Maternal, Child & Reproductive Health

Our Providers

We have a dedicated group of Maternal, Child and Reproductive Health physicians who care for pregnant women and infants at each of our health clinics throughout Albuquerque. Our physicians will care for you throughout your pregnancy, deliver your baby on our hospital service, and care for you and baby after birth.

Labor and Delivery

Our family physicians treat birth as healthy and normal, use technology only when necessary, and believe in natural birth. Birth interventions are only used when medical necessary. We also welcome your partner family members and/or close friends to be present for support during labor. We want you to have the best birthing experience possible.

High Risk Consultation

If a problem should develop during pregnancy our family physicians work closely with our own family medicine MCH consultants who are trained to handle high risk pregnancies and deliveries. In the event that you develop a problem requiring consultation with our specialists your physician will arrange this and continue to support you during pregnancy and birth.

To set up an appointment with one of our physicians please call one of the clinics listed on the right

If you would like more information about our MCH service please call 505-272-9304.

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